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Samsung Galaxy S6 Set for Huge Release

The Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge (KRX: 005930) have gained almost 20 million preorders since their release date was announced, according to the International Business Times. The products are predicted to sell more than analysts originally thought, due to these numbers.

Beginning April 10, analysts believe more than 46 million Galaxy S6 units will be sold, which is about 26 percent more than originally reported, according to the IB Times. Further, Samsung stock rose almost four percent this week to $1,302 per share, the highest since November 2013.

According to the IB Times, before the launch of a new product, sales usually drop about one percent. However, sales are projected to increase by almost 40 percent when the devices begin selling.

Tech Radar commenter corporal flashback said:

I can almost forgive them for the unibody but if they completely block off the removable battery, then they're basically aiming customer to make this a status quo, either you buy more memory is that's it. usually it's like a hundred dollars difference between 16 and 32gb, when you can simply purchase a 15 dollar 32gb memory card.

Tech Radar commenter placid air said:

enough whining about the plastic case already. Who doesn't put a case on their phone anyway, and the plastic allows for a battery swap out. If Samsung produces a phone that I can't pop off the back and swap out the battery -- I won't buy it.