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Watch What Happens to Your Luggage After You Drop It off at the Airport

While you kick back and relax in an airport lounge, your luggage embarks on a dizzying and mesmerizing journey through the terminal underbel...

If you’ve ever had to go through the unenviable experience of the airport losing your baggage, you might view your experience in a different light after watching this video. Shot from the point of view of a piece of luggage being processed in Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport — Europe’s fifth busiest airport — we first begin our journey by being placed on a conveyor belt by a luggage handler before being zipped away along a seemingly endless infrastructure of similar conveyor belts. After a dizzying journey, we are scooped up by a robotic arm before being placed in a tray, presumably awaiting the loading of the plane cargo hold. Simultaneously mesmerizing, watch the footage above for a new insight into what happens elsewhere while you kick back in the airport lounge.

Source: AIROWS