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Sangamo: Not All Is Lost On The Gene-Editing Front

Questions over different approaches to gene editing have taken a toll on the stock, which is trading near multi-year lows.

Clinical trials underway continue to receive good support and the market is warming up to the gene editing names in general.

Relative to other players in the space, the stock is trading at a discount, which may shrink with improving fundamentals.

Investors have pretty much given up on the gene-editing space and Sangamo Biosciences (SGMO), probably the only gene-editing firm with a treatment that advanced into clinical trials, was not spared either. The stock is down almost 50% over the last two years, partly due to questions over the superiority of one gene-therapy over others, but mostly due to the broader market weakness that led to investors giving up on 'moonshot' type research ideas, besides getting wary of the biotech sector itself.

The biotech space is littered with names that promise great long-term prospects, but limited advancement on the product development front in the short term make them worthy of no more than the monitoring list. Putting Sangamo on that list may be a mistake. The broader biotech space is showing life after the shocks, gene editing on humans is beginning to enter clinical trials and developments at Sangamo do promise hope that the company may finally be able to show a clear path towards delivering a way to monetize the lead that the company enjoys over companies in the space.

The long-term promise still holds true

Even though gene editing, using...