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GoPro: Apple Is Not The Threat

GoPro (GPRO), the action camera maker, reported exceptional y/y revenue and income growth for 2014 Q4. Yet investors in the recent IPO remain skittish and the stock plummeted after hours with the sell-off continuing into Friday. GoPro's problem is its vulnerability to competition, and while that potential competition might not include Apple (AAPL), there are plenty of other companies that might be interested in GoPro's lucrative niche.

Intelligently Targeted

The GoPro camera system is a great example of market-driven design. The camera was designed to target a particular under-served market for action videography. As such it dispenses with many features that are standard on compact point-and-shoot digital cameras: autofocus, zoom and flash.

Lacking these features, the GoPro Hero isn't a particularly good general-purpose camera, but it is extremely compact, which is enabled by its simple lens system. It's also affordable. The Hero4 Black is probably the most affordable 4K… Read More …