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TASR- The Ultimate Test of Ethical Investing

Ethical investing is a hot topic these days. Many people don’t like the idea of investing in companies that pollute, like BP or have awful working conditions, like Apple or treat their employees like crap, like Wal-Mart. The issue came to a fore when all those Foxconn employees were committing suicide. Is your iPhone worth a human life? It’s a hard question to ask, no matter how awesome Siri is.

The latest company to enter that category, in my opinion, is Taser International (NASDAQ: TASR.) They make police gear that is of course supposed to be used to serve and protect, but which is often used to suppress unarmed minorities. Is that the kind of company you want to give your hard earned money to? It’s a tough decision.

Regardless, the stock has been in the news lately as being a candidate for a “dead cat bounce.” Maybe investors are going in and out as they debate the merits of it’s technology, but it’s also possible people are vacillating because of the news: When something happens that is anti police, it could cause a dip as ethical investors shy away from the stock. This effect could be muted since most of the trading is done by institutions that probably have no souls and wouldn’t give water to their grandmother if she was on fire if it would make them a profit, but it’s real nonetheless.