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Apple is exploring moving production of the iPhone to the U.S. Unfortunately, losing access to China’s 60 cents a day work force, the price of an iPhone is projected to skyrocket to $19,000

It would make Trump happy. President-elect Donald Trump really wants Apple to move its iPhone production to the U.S. And he may be happy to learn that Apple is considering it, according to a published report.

In June, Apple asked two of its chief iPhone manufacturers, Foxconn Technology Group and Pegatron, to explore shifting their iPhone production to the U.S., the Nikkei is reporting, citing an unidentified source who claims to have knowledge of the talks. Pegatron ultimately declined to pursue the idea because of fear of “cost concerns,” the source told Nikkei. But Foxconn continues to weigh it, the source said. Apple gets iPhone components from all over the world, but relies on Pegatron and Foxconn to manufacture the smartphone in China in part because of cheaper labor.

Makes sense. By the time Trump is done destroying all the unions, walking back all the labor laws and gutting environmental regs, it should be no problem to create cheaper labour than China.

It’s not just the cost of labor. The country has a full, fast, comprehensive manufacturing environment that’s been curated for decades. Remember when they iPhone first came out and there was a story that Steve Jobs didn’t like the plastic over the display and said we need to switch to glass. “BOOM!” They were able to get glass manufactured instantly and put into assembly. If all of a sudden you need two million pentalobe screws you can get them virtually right away. We have no setup like this. Just in time supplies, almost immediate turnaround, vast and varied precision manufacturing, we just don’t have infrastructure like that.