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Enhanced Auto Vehicle Production And Surging Auto Semiconductor Market Boost Freelance Semiconductor's Prospects

Freescale Semiconductor (FSL) appears poised to continue its momentum that it has garnered based off of its recent fourth quarter results. The firm reported a fourth quarter net income of $63 million, an improvement from a reported net loss of $118 million in the fourth quarter of 2013. However, Freescale Semiconductor anticipates first-quarter results that will surpass Wall Street expectations.

While Wall Street anticipated average net sales of $1.114 billion dollars for 1Q 2015, the firm expects 1st quarter net sales to range in the area of $1.135 and $1.185 billion dollars. At present, Estimize's consensus estimate for Freescale Semiconductor is near the midpoint of the aforementioned range: $1.159 billion dollars.

The catalyst for this above-average performance was the surging demand by automakers for Freescale's automotive chips. Last quarter, Freescale's sales in their Automotive MCU slightly increased year-over-year and declined by 12% on a quarter-to-quarter basis due to… Read More …