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AT&T to start offering $5 internet services to the poor and needy

All they need to do is sign up on AT&T’s labyrinthine mess of a website, and they are good to go.

Subsidized Internet Access Fee $5.00
Sales Tax: $0.35
E-911 Fee: $1.57
Pole Access Charge: $4.73
Local Franchise Fee: $2.67
Underground Access Charge: $4.55
Customer Service Addendum: $0.87
Presidential Disaster Declaration Preparedness Charge: $2.07
Passenger Facility Charge: $5.00
Billing allowance: $3.47

Please pay by April 29: $30.28
After April 29: $33.31

“See, it’s $5.00 for internet!”

To spread the word about the program, AT&T says it will work with community organizations on education. The pool of potential customers is deep. AT&T currently offers internet in 21 states, and there are 22 million families signed up for the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, which offers food stamps.