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Recent Swing Trade Strategy Examples (KEM, COHR, UCTT, NVMI)

Some very recent swing trades, based on strong up trends and the ‘trending swing trade strategy’ which looks to capitalize by buying during pullbacks. Stocks mentioned: $KEM $COHR $UCTT $NVMI

For further guidance on swing trading, see the Stock Market Swing Trading Video Course. Some of the stocks mentioned are a variation of the strategies discussed in the course, and I will explain how those variations work in the examples below.

With summer in full bloom, time is at a premium as I try to be outside and traveling as much as possible. Hence the lack of “stock trading stocks” articles recently. The last article was published on May 24. All those trades worked out very well, regardless of whether a profit target or a trailing stop loss method was used (I will be discussing trailing stop losses in the new videos I am adding to the Stock Market Swing Trading Course–the new videos will be emailed in late August to everyone who has purchased the course). While it is nice to get a bunch of wins in a row, that is not the norm. Most great swing traders win about 50% or 65% of their trades, their wins are just much bigger than their losses. Some great traders only win 30% of the time…but their gains are huge compared to their losses. So if you do have some losses, don’t sweat it. Keep the risk on each trade low relative to your account balance, take trades with good reward:risk ratios and the odds should eventually work in your favor (with a good entry and exit method).

The following stocks swing trades were found using Finviz.

Criteria: Average Volume>300K (prefer 500K+, but if a great setup has a bit lower liquidity I won’t dismiss it), Industry=Stocks Only. Hit the Performance Button, sort by Perf Half or Perf Year (descending). Click the Charts button to view the results in chart format. The three stocks below were top performers over the last 6 months, so you wouldn’t have had to spend very long going through results to find these setups…they were all pretty close to the top of the search results.

I quickly ran through some of the other screens covered in...