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What to Make of Illumina?

Illumina (NASDAQ: ILMN) is certainly a smart company. In fact, they were named the smartest in the world by MIT in 2014. They do things that most people can’t even wrap their heads around: gene sequencing, gene expression and genotyping. Basically, if we ever gain the ability to design super babies that look like Brad Pitt and don’t get disease, we’ll have Illumina to thank.

Despite the clear awesomeness of their mission, they are still subject to the rules of capitalism like everyone else. That means ups and downs for their stock price. It has been particularly volatile as of late. Their lower than expected revenues have some people worried. Seeing as their revenues were still up, just not as much as people hoped, they seem like a good play to me. Although I’m biased. I want to design 6’2, chiseled, Brad Pitt super babies.