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General Motor's new Plan to grow Cadillac !

Cadillac's new flagship brand will not be CT6.The new Ford Mustang will soon debut the new Chevy Camaro, and the small-block V-8 is not going anywhere, did not affect. Mark Reuss GM(NASDAQ:GM) executive vice president, said in a discussion with reporters at the New York Auto Show.

In New York, of course, with the unveiling of CT6 much attention was focused on the Cadillac. A long wheelbase version that is not in the cards after convincing, Reuss adding that, "The key is not" CT6 said "This is not a car." He said, however, that will not take the bait in higher referring to a production version of the concept Elmiraj swoon-inducing entry level.

While in the process of rebuilding its reputation Cadillac Asked, Reuss was blunt: "year. I think we in the luxury segment, volume, we are on the list of people thought that if we talking to think. So let's get real about it, and keep typing, and to build great cars and trucks, and people started to notice and want to try something different, and that is our opportunity. There whose moms and dads BMW and Audi and Mercedes drove there is a whole generation, and they did not drive the Cadillac. We view with great cars and trucks that need to get on the list. The reference In view of the development of a product, we are more than a year. From the perspective of a brand, we are this year. "

From a product perspective, however, "we have to fill out its competitors that half the portfolio, because we're halfway there." While Cadillac models will be added, it may not extend very far below them as if the luxury segment. "We just have to match them with the depth of some of our competitors at the end of some of the things are not going to fill," Reuss said. GM said its other divisions, small, high mpg since the model, may be the Cadillac of other luxury brands that do not need to take off in the way that it reduces the amount of cars that followed. The sweet, rear-drive Chevy Code 130R Concept Coupe is dead thisDespite the Rauss enthusiasm for previous projects.

Rauss also said “we looked at it and we did not have a good idea what the US market told things like, which saw our competitors. The volumes of those things were terrible. "