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Jessie Ventura Endorses Donald Trump, Wants To Be His Running Mate

Submitted by John Vibes via,

Jesse Ventura, former Minnesota governor and host of the show “Conspiracy Theory,” recently endorsed Donald Trump for president and suggested he would be interested in being his running mate.

During a recent interview on “Off the Grid,” Ventura said

“Do you think Donald would ever think of asking me? I shocked my staff today. I came in and said, You know what, as far as the Republicans are concerned, I hope Trump wins. I’m not a Republican – I’m not a Democrat either – so ultimately I’d like somebody else overall.”

Ventura went on to explain that he believes that Trump is a wild card who may be corrupt, but at least is not under the control of the ruling class and politicians.

“These insiders to our government, you’re right Roger, Trump has scared the hell out of them, because as you said, they can’t control him,” Ventura said.

The whole political system is nothing but a distraction that keeps people content with their own slavery and keeps them fooled into believing they actually have a say in how their society operates.

However, as I indicated in an article earlier this month, a Trump presidency would be absolutely hilarious—and may finally convince the country that anarchism and the abolition of slavery are the true solutions to the struggle our species faces.

Either way, politics is a joke, and hopefully, Donald Trump is helping the average American to realize that fact.