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Tesla's The New Toy for The Rich

Tesla Motors Inc (NASDAQ: TSLA) has more then 13,000 Model S on U.S. roads already, but here is a look at who is buying/ordering the car. Majority of the owners are males who make over 6 figures in salary. The age factor was interesting to me because it seems like everyone wants a piece of the car not just one generation. 

The Model S Buyer


Male: 83.9%

Female: 16.1%


Under $50,000: 5.7%

$50,000-$99,999. 17.2%

over $100,000: 77.3%


18-44 yrs. Old: 33.2%

45-64 yrs. old: 50.6%

65 yrs. old: 16.2%