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Millennial Minded Investing: Uber, Chipotle, & Amazon

This week I joined Zacks stock strategist and host, Tracey Ryniec, on her Zacks Market Edge Podcast to discuss—from a Millennial’s perspective—a few companies that continually grab headlines.

Uber & Controversy

Uber’s whirlwind rise helped the company earn a nearly $70 billion valuation. However, the recent controversies at the top, especially surrounding founder and CEO Travis Kalanick, have caused some people to delete the app and move on from the ride-sharing service. The negative media attention and company turmoil reached such a boiling point that Kalanick recently stepped down.

Despite the negativity surrounding the ride-sharing giant, we discussed that for many millenials, Uber is still nearly ubiquitous. In fact, the company has transformed into a verb that is sometimes used to refer to other ride-sharing apps.

Among people that I know, I don’t recall anyone cutting ties with the service amid the controversy. And cabs, even in a big city like Chicago where I live, are hardly even considered as a means of transportation for many in my generation. Uber can be even more helpful and useful in smaller cities or college campuses where cabs were almost non-existent.

Millennials I know do use Lyft, but it seems the service is often used as a backup to Uber when surge pricing becomes far too high.

For some Millennials the company could become a long term replacement for a owning a car, especially in cities. Quick, rental car style options such as Zipcar seem to be far less popular.

Many Millennials are likely to jump on Uber stock if the ride-sharing company files for an IPO, based purely on their experience with the company’s service (also read: Will Uber Be the Hottest IPO of 2017?).

If Uber...