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FAA Orders Additional Safety Checks For Boeing 767

Hi everyone, more Boeing news for this lovely Monday!  Since I'm interested in (and equally dislike) flying, I'm always trying to learn more about this subject.  So the FAA are now set to order additional safety checks for Boeing 767 planes.  The horizontal flight control surfaces (referred to as elevators) are being more thoroughly inspected because if it malfunctions, it could result in pitch upset and loss of control which no one would want (especially if they are passengers!).  

Even though bad bolts and elevators haven't actually made any 767 accidents or crashes, there have been questions addressing the issues since 767's are such a widely used fleet.  The hazards were discovered during 2000 when the FAA first made enhanced checks and inspections.  Right now, the FAA is ordering the plane maker to come up with a permanent fix to the issue.  With U.S. carriers now required to swap out suspect parts within 6 years, there should be a less likely chance of malfunctions within these vital pieces, or at least we hope so!