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Disney Stock To Continue Growth, Riding Its Strong Lineup Of Movie Releases

Disney (DIS) announced its first quarter earnings for the fiscal year of 2015 reporting a 23% jump in earnings to $1.27 per share with an operating income of $3.545 billion, up by 17% from $3.020 billion in the same period last year. Earnings growth in the quarter was primarily driven by the company's Consumer Products segment which saw a 46% increase in operating income as compared to the same quarter last year with a total contribution of $626 billion this quarter. One of the major driving forces behind the segment's impressive performance was the Frozen merchandise's performance which continues to help the company's top line and bottom line.

Disney's impressive growth seems to have no end in near sight. The entertainment company has a diverse portfolio of revenue generating units that range from its world famous theme parks to its cable network channels such as the widely popular sports channel… Read More …