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Two Former JP Morgan Traders Have Been Charged In Connection With The London Whale Trading Loss

Two former JP Morgan employees; Javier Martin-Artajo a former managing director and Julien Grout a low lever trader, have been bought up on charges of wire fraud and conspiracy to falsify books and records, in connection with the $6 billion "London Whale" trading lost last year. 
Bruno Iksil, the trader known as 'The London Whale', will not be charged because he has been snitching on his former co-workers in an attempt to save his own ass. They are accused of perposely trying to hide huge losses they were taking on a certain portfolio. They had to options; close their positions and stop their trades or hedge more bets to make up for the loss. They decided to go with the lather and went on to lose billions, if you ask me put these fools under the jail.