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EasyAcc Dual USB 15600mAh External Battery:A good choice to recharge our devices

External batteries are an excellent ally when we are away from home and we need to recharge our devices, especially those are very powerful and are particularly convenient for camping, long journeys and for those who need to recharge multiple devices, such as iPhone and iPad. Here we introduce a large capacity external battery from EasyAcc.

Concerning the battery size, it has an elongated shape, quite bulky compared to small portable batteries, but allows you to recharge the iPhone 6 to7 times without ever having to plug in to the electrical outlet.

And the operation is very simple, that is, simply to connect the device to reload the EasyAcc battery, via the cable that usually is used for charging "on the wall". You can recharge your iPhone, iPad or any other tablet and smartphone compatible devices.

While referring to the capacity of the power bank, the EasyAcc has a capacity of 15600 mAh, about 8 times that of iPhone 6 (1810 mAh) and much higher than that of all devices in circulation. When you want to charge the battery, EasyAcc is sufficient to connect, via the micro-USB cable supplied to a wall charger, like that of the iPhone/iPad. Thanks to input from port 2A charging time will be much faster if you use a charger from 2A (like the iPad).

Outbound ports are 2 and allow to recharge two devices simultaneously, e.g. an iPhone + iPad. The door from 2nd reloads juice as fast as iPad, tablets, and devices that require more power; while the door 1A is ideal for iPhone, smartphone and most devices in circulation.

It is also equipped with an LED flashlight and 4 blue LEDs that indicate the remaining charge.

Absolutely, it is a good choice to take along and refilled with full juice while on holiday or away from the business. You can find it at: