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China Eliminates 300K Soldiers To Modernize Military

China decided to reduce its armed forces by 300,000 as part of its initiative to accelerate the modernization of its military. The Chinese government aims to transfer its focus and resources to air and naval defense.

Image source: Wikimedia Commons

Chinese President Xi Jinping announced the plan during the country’s 70th celebration of its victory over Japan during the World War II. China displayed its military power during a parade that featured 12,000 troops, a 70-gun salute, and modern military equipment and weapons including its “carrier-killer” ballistic missiles.

China will never seek hegemony says Pres. Xi Jinping

Pres. Jinping promised that the People’s Liberation Army would be a force for good. China’s military is the largest with two million armed forces. The Chinese President emphasized that China does not domination or supremacy.

He said, “Regardless of the progress of events, China will never seek hegemony, China will never seek to expand and will never inflict the tragedies it suffered in the past from others. We must learn the lessons of history and dedicate ourselves to peace.”

Pres. Jinping added that the Chinese people bravely and unyieldingly fought and eventually defeated the Japanese military aggressors, preserved China’s 5,000-year-old civilization, and upheld peace.

He described China’s eight-year conflict with Japan as a “decisive battle between justice and evil, light and darkness.” Historians estimated that 15 million to 20 million people died during the battle. Pres. Jinping said the “victory re-established China as a major country in the world.”

China transformed itself...