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Update: Mason Graphite Provides Further Information Regarding Its Upcoming Feasibility Study, ESIA

Mason Graphite (MGPHF) just provided investors with updates relating to its upcoming feasibility study for its Lac Gueret Project, which will be released in the second quarter of this year.

First, the company informed investors that it will be working with Met-Chem, Soutex, Hatch and Gesmine in producing its feasibility study. The following excerpt from the press release shows the division of labor for the various parts of this extensive study.

(click to enlarge)

CEO Benoit Gascon, whose experience is unparalleled in the graphite space, is convinced that Mason has put together an excellent group to complete this study.

Second, the company provided updates regarding its pilot plant. Pilot plant testing is completed, and while it took longer than expected, the company was able to further refine its flow-sheet while testing additional technologies. The company has sent sample products to potential customers, which means that Mason's team will be better… Read More …