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From A Penny To A Billion Dollars 2 comments

When I was a kid, I loved looking at the book

which showed a simple image as it moved out and then in by powers of ten. Last year, I wrong up some favorite ideas at different orders of magnitude. Here is this year's post on what you can get in 2016 by powers of ten - from a penny to a billion dollars.

$0.01: Copper

What can you get for a penny? 1.48 cents worth of metal, if the penny happens to be a 95% copper penny minted between 1909 and 1982. Subsequent pennies are worth 0.57 cents of metal and cost 1.7 cents to produce (if producing them seems like a good idea then you probably work for the government).

$0.10: Alberta Oilsands

You can get one share of Alberta Oilsands (OTCPK:AOSDF) for about $0.10 per share including commissions; it is worth substantially more in terms of its litigation value.

$1: Africo

Africo (OTC:AFCRF) costs about $1 Canadian dollar per share. You will get that dollar back if the company's sale proceeds. You could get an additional $0.27 per share if it is subsequently flipped under certain circumstances.

$10: Apollo Ed

Apollo Ed (NASDAQ:APOL) is in the process of getting bought for $10.00 per share. If you buy one, you can capture a $0.95 arb spread; if the deal closes by New Year's Eve, you can get a 22% IRR.

$100: Bitcoin

I think that they are worth at least 50% more than they cost today, so are worth holding for the long-term...