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Google Wants To Bring The NFL To YouTube

Google is talking to the NFL about potentially buying the rights to their "Sunday Ticket" package, which broadcasts all the out of market games. DirectTV currently owns the rights to the package but their contract with the NFL expires sometime next year, this is great timing for Google which has expressed interest in getting into television in recent months. 

Currently DirecTV pays the NFL $1 billion a year for the rights to the "Sunday Package" and that price will surely go up next year. I think this is a great idea for good to bring the "Sunday Package" to YouTube because for one it will secure an enourmous amount of traffic to their website on Sunday's secondly this could be the answer to their mobile ads issue. Offering every NFL game will give American consumers more reason to move back to their computers instead of using their mobile devices because watching the game will be a better experience on a pc screen compared to a television screen. 

Secondly it allows Google not to look like they are following Facebook who in the last quarter found great success with their mobile ads instead Google can continue to focus on the ads they have on their traditional websites will still working on the mobile ads.