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Group Rails Against Candy At Bed Bath & Beyond Checkouts

An advocacy group is targeting Bed Bath & Beyond on Twitter today for what it calls “egregious junk food displays” at checkout.

Center for Science in the Public Interest / Via

A group of health advocates is targeting an unexpected foe on Twitter today: Bed Bath & Beyond.

Members of the Center for Science in the Public Interest, a consumer advocacy group that focuses on nutrition and food safety, are urging the retailer to get rid of the large candy displays it places near cash registers using the hashtag #RethinkCheckout.

"We already face temptation everywhere we go," the CSPI said in an email to its members, which provided links for tweeting at the retailer. "The last thing we need is for a trip to Bed Bath & Beyond to buy a blender, crockpot, or pillowcases to turn into yet another test of willpower and an extra 250 calories that we did not plan to eat."

The CSPI's goal is to get all non-food retailers out of selling junk food, particularly in the impulse-driven checkout line, saying in a paper last month that "the retail environment should be shaped not only by economic drivers but also by public health considerations."

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