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'Jupiter Ascending' And 'Seventh Son' Set To Cause Box Office Headaches; 'SpongeBob' To Take Advantage

Every so often Hollywood sees a week where two films hit theaters on the same day and audiences are torn between which one they want to see first … this weekend is not going to be one of them.

Warner Brothers (a subsidiary of Time Warner (TWX)) and Universal (a subsidiary of Comcast (CMCSA) (CMCSK)) are both likely bracing for bad news this weekend as the studios are set to release Jupiter Ascending and Seventh Son, which each carry high price tags and low expectations. In fact, when all is said and done the big winner could be a cartoon sponge.

Let's start with Warner's Ascending which, according to estimates, is on track to make $20 million at the box office … so how is that bad thing? Well when a film costs a reported $175+ million to produce, $20 million is nothing. And remember Ascending was delayed… Read More …