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In other key “man” news, Ken Fisher, CEO & the main investment officer of Fisher Investments, his multi-billion-dollar Assets Under Management RIA headquartered in Woodside, Calif., has no plans to retire after 35+ years in the business. “When I leave the company hell will have frozen over (global warming aside; I think hell operates on a different scale but I’ve not verified that),” he writes in an email.

Fisher is philosophical about the Edelman-Bach split.

“I’d not heard that Bach left Edelman but it makes sense.”

But he reports that he hasn’t run into Bach lately.

“If you’re looking for him I assure you on a stack of Bibles he isn’t here,” Fisher writes.

Ken Fisher: “On the high-net-worth side funding levels are tough.”

Joe Murphy said “I have been using Fisher Investments for several years and find the phone contact to be perfect. My Investment Counselor stays in touch and is very knowledgable. The seminars are wonderful and I make it a point to attend. I know of no other firm that provides the same opportunity to listen, learn and interact with those that are ultimately responsible for my investments. Most recently, Ken Fisher hosted the seminar I attended in Ft. Lauderdale. This type of stuff puts a personal touch to my relationship with Fisher Investments.Needless to say, I’m a huge fan of Fisher Investments! I’m also a huge fan of an employer that takes care of the employees and its obvious that Ken has that at the top of his priority list.”

Nick said: “I’ve been a client of Fisher’s since early 2008. They put virtually everyone in an all stock portfolio that uses the MSCI as a bench mark. Since early 2008 the Fisher all stock portfolio has not even beat the S&P on an annual basis. Fisher probably works for 80 year clients who don’t understand investing but younger market knowledgable folks probably can easily match or beat Fisher’s results without paying their 1 to 1.5 % management fees. My biggest issue with Fisher is they seem very hesitant to set up a normal income generating portfolio that will pay an income every month. Their answer is just tell us when you need money and we will sell some of your positions. The worst part about the company is Ken’s ego. He really does think he is the smartest person in the business. He apparently did not pull his clients out of the market in 2008 because the last time he did it in 2000 he lost a bunch of clients because he took awhile to get back in the market. Putting one’s business interests ahead of those of your clients is not a good situation when selling ones self as an investment advisor and fiduciary.”

Joe Murphy Responded: “

I can appreciate your point of view but when I decided to go with Fisher several years ago I knew full well what I wanted them to do with my money and they made it perfectly clear how it was going to be invested. Needless to say, Fisher Investments and myself are on the same page.

Also, 4 years is not much of a time frame to pass judgment on a long-term investment portfolio. Give it time.

Additionally, Fisher Investments is always willing to manipulate my portfolio in any manner I instruct them to. They certainly don’t hold your portfolio hostage to their philosophy.It sounds like your experience with Fisher Investments and my experience with Fisher Investments is 180 degrees out of phase. As is our personal opinion of Ken. I’d recommend reading several of his books if you haven’t already. I believe Ken Fisher forgets more about investing in one day than most people learn in a lifetime.Just my opinion, but I’m a very satisfied customer of Fisher Investments and plan maintaining the course well into the future.”