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Metal is Confusing, And That's Good News For Glencore

Metal prices have been strange as of late. Janet Yellen’s steadfast refusal to raise interest rates, along with a global supply drought, have the markets more confused about metal than a parent who has to take his angsty teen about to attend his first Metallica concert. Despite that, Glencore (PINX: GLNCY) is looking like a particularly good buy. I figured we’d have to see a global collapse before people wanted to head for the hills with their stockpiles of precious metals. Regardless of why the commodities surge is happening, I’m glad it’s happening.

My reasons might paint me as a clueless, granola crunching, weird smelling-dreadlock having hippy, but I’m going to say them anyway. I want metals to succeed because I despise plastics. Do a simple google search for “plastics and cancer” and see if that keeps you up at night. Search for it on PubMed if you really want to get scared. Long story short, plastics are all around us and they are making us sick.

I'm sure certain metals are dangerous as well, especially the ones that are particularly trick to mine. And I for sure don’t want any kids to get metal fillings in their teeth. But, as far as I can see, plastics are ubiquitous, unavoidable, and unequivocally dangerous. I know that a stainless steel cooking pan is not going to fill my food with horrifying amounts of toxins the way a Teflon one would.

As our world gets more and more health conscious, people like me are going to proliferate. People who are looking to ditch plastics wherever possible will become the norm. Such a movement could further drive profits for the metal industry. I’m bullish for the future of metal, and if I can one day eat out of a solid gold cereal bowl like Kanye West*, I’m going to do it.