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Oil Prices At $250 Per Barrel Versus NATO's Geopolitical Issues

Jeff Opdyke's Seeking Alpha article "The Media Is Dead Wrong About Oil Supply And Demand" was intriguing enough to add to the geopolitical events that are taking place in the 21st century. In an economic thesis it is hard to displace geopolitical events with respect to how oil behaves. With the new kingdom and its new administration, it is hard to determine which direction it will go. Either Saudi Arabia pushes their own policies or pushes U.S. interest first. When oil periodically rose to levels that threatened U.S. economic growth, certain Presidents could rely on Saudi Arabia to increase production and decrease the pain at the pumps. However, the ultimate paradigm is changing in terms of Saudi Arabia and Israel being in collusion with each other due to U.S. interest shifting to Iran. In economic circles we also need to consider NATO's position and its strategic alliance with U.S. interests.… Read More …