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Google Rises 2% On A Job Hop?

Google (NASDAQ:GOOG) (NASDAQ:GOOGL) shares got a big boost the morning of March 24, rising almost $14 to near their year high at over $572, on news they have hired Morgan Stanley (NYSE:MS) CFO Ruth Porat to take the same job at their company.

Porat is good. She led the company's team in negotiations during the financial crisis. But her career had topped out there. In the latest re-arrangement of the deck chairs, she wasn't invited to the party.

The hope that created roughly $8 billion in market cap in a few hours is that Porat can add some fiscal discipline to Google, that she can be the "no girl" many feel the company needs if it is ever to do those sweet buybacks and pay those big dividends that make today's Silicon Valley investors the big money. Read more