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The HacBook Elite Is macOS Built Into a HP Laptop, and All for $329 USD

The HacBook Elite is a “hackintosh” computer that is Apple‘s macOS outfitted within a HP laptop shell. The specifications are as good as an entry-level MacBook Pro, and most importantly, the set-up retails for only $329 USD — a third of the price of a real Apple MacBook. The device’s website boasts a cold boot time of 15 seconds and a sleep boot time of 1 second. It can dual-boot with Windows, and comes packed with all your favorite Apple applications. If you’re planning on trying out this illegitimate form of macOS, act fast, because theHacBook will surely not be around for long. That’s because Apple doesn’t allow its operating system to run on anything else aside from its own hardware. Check out Hacbook’s site to learn more.