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Nvidia Etches Ahead of AMD in 4K, VR Gaming Video Cards

Nvidia just beat Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) to the punch on its card refresh for virtual reality and 4K gaming. This comes ahead of the company’s quarterly earnings release on May 12. This implies there should be more upside for the stock. Revenue for Nvidia is hardly slowing.

The Tesla P100 cards, model GTX 1080 and GTX 1070, will cost much less than Titan X. Titan X cost consumers $999.

The cards use GDDR5X and GDDR5. Micron Technology is the supplier. MU’s stock, which is $9.99 (on May 6), will start to see a benefit from these GTX card releases.

Nvidia claimed the performance and double older cards at around half the price. On its web page, Nvidia said the 1080 is "providing up to 2x more performance in virtual reality compared to the GeForce GTX TITAN X. " Translated, it means the card uses some esoteric gaming demo and the doubled performance is in VR. Real-world performance improvement over Nvidia GTX 980Ti may run only 20 percent faster. This is on 180 watt TDP.

That is hardly impressive.

AMD’s Polaris GPU has even more impressive specifications: 14nm process, HBM support, GDDR5, and significantly lower prices.

Nvidia did surprise consumers with a decently priced high-end card. AMD has yet to release Polaris (as early as next month and as late as holiday season). AMD’s strategy on competing on the mid-range should play out nicely. Sell more cards at lower prices to grow market share.