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Intuit: Is Volatility Coming?

Intuit is going to release their earnings today after the closing bell. After such a successful earnings call from Best Buy this morning, we should definitely check the Intuit's options. Intuit develops financial and tax preparation software and related services for small businesses, accountants and individuals. Intuit's stock lost more than 16% of its value one year ago after missing the earnings estimates. The stock isn't too volatile after the quarter earnings though.

Analysts are mostly negative on this stock: 7 underperform ratings were iterated, while 11 analysts have hold recommendation. 2 - buy and just 1 outperform. Annual earnings are coming for Intuit and it means that we might see some volatility. I think that you'd better buy an ATM $115 straddle. You'll spend around $674 excluding your broker's fees. But it could be too risky and that's why I recommend to sell OTM put and call options. In this case your initial outlay would be the following:

As you can see, we minimized the total cost of this strategy. Let's check the P&L schedule in this case:


As you can see, in order to avoid the loss, the stock needs to go beyond $105-$120 range or fluctuate more than 8%. That sounds risky, but it's not impossible. On year ago the stock dropped more than 16%. If you think that it's too risky for you, you can better sell a strangle with wide strikes range.