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Abbott Looks Forward To Another Strong Year

It's hard not to like Abbott (ABT). The company is one of the strongest cash-flow generators, and its spin-off of AbbVie (ABBV) has not impaired the firm's ability to generate value for shareholders. Management is looking for the fundamental momentum to continue into 2015 as it is targeting "another year of top-tier earnings growth." Though currency may provide some headwinds, for a company as strong as that of Abbott foreign exchange is less important to the investment picture, in our view. We like the company more than ever, though Mr. Market isn't providing much of a buying opportunity at present levels.

Abbot's Investment Considerations

Investment Highlights

• The new Abbott isn't much different from the old Abbott, minus the blockbuster drug Humira and other members of its drug lineup like AndroGel and TriCor. It remains aligned with favorable long-term healthcare trends in both developed and developing markets. The company is… Read More …