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Pandora Projections on Shaky Grounds

Pandora (NYSE: P) has had its makert highs and lows. With a Q4 reported loss of 19 percent of the company’s value and a 60 percent decrease in stock value over the past year, Pandora investors are unsure of the company’s future projections, according to Investor Place.

The Internet radio company has been pumping up their advertising infrastructure lately, however, with new music licensing requirements on the way, the future of the company doesn’t look particularly on the up and up.

Business Insider commenter scottinnj says:

“There are alot of Pandora users like me that for some reason experienced alot of problems when iOS 8 was introduced. Basically, when listening to Pandora on LTE network, the iPhone would get superhot and I could lose 50% of my battery life in less than an hour. And a couple of my work colleagues had the same issue. I wasnt a super user - maybe 2hrs a day - but they've lost me. I tried a few times with their tech support who basically said they didn't know.”