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The Key to Wealth in an Age-Old Game

Having two kids in the technology era, it's not easy to get everyone around a table for anything other than dinner.

As soon as they're done, they're glued to an iPad, playing a video game or attached to some other electronic device.

I decided to change that by purchasing The Walt Disney Company (NYSE:DIS)'s version of a classic board game — Monopoly.

Now, practically every night my 6-year-old has the game on the table when I get home from work so we can either finish our old game or start a new one.

But, even at 6 years old, it didn't take him long to figure out what the key to winning this age-old game is.

It's income.

And the same idea rings true when it comes to accumulating wealth in the real world.

You need income that continually flows through to you. Unfortunately, the no-income world today doesn't help that key to preserving and growing your net worth.

Bank CDs, bonds and even the average stock yield don't do you any good. And the Federal Reserve indicated last week that rates are going to remain low, which is a long-held view here at The Sovereign Society.

In the zero-income world, we are forced to look for unique opportunities to generate income, which is exactly what I have for you today — an opportunity to collect an attractive annual yield without owning a single stock. Instead, you will own exposure to a much larger and more liquid market — the currency market.

Don't worry though; you don't have to open a currency trading account. There is an easy way to grab a currency CD that gives you exposure to global markets and pays out a high yield for one certain currency. I'll get more into the CD itself in a moment, but first let me explain the opportunity.

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