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Emirates Flight Quarantined In Boston's Logan Airport Over Ebola Scare - Live Webcast

One of the reasons why the market sold off rapidly in the last hour or so, has been news out of Boston that an Emirates flights has been quarantined at Logan Airport, where as Fox Boston reports, according to the Massachusetts Port Authority, five passengers on an a flight from Dubai were experiencing flu-like symptoms. Crews are on the ground responding to the situation. Those passengers were not in West Africa, according to the agency. FOX 25's Crystal Haynes reports that family members at Logan Airport who have been in contact with the passengers on the flight are saying that each passenger is being evaluated one-by-one. The passengers, Haynes reports, are being told to be patient.  At least one emergency responder in hazmat gear has boarded the flight.

Emergency crews respond to an Emirates flight that just landed at Logan Airport. More details as we get them

— FOX 25 News Boston (@fox25news)

A live webcast from the event below, after the jump