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Test USB Battery RAVPower RP-PB07 (10400 mAh)

Handy source of energy for long trips! The fact that an average of 4.8, a mobile USB battery from its buyers in the review of five stars is achievable, rather rare. The RAVPower RP-PB07 with 10400mAh brought it but in this brilliant review and bribed the test, especially with its high reliability and its balanced price-performance ratio. Customers also praised the low weight of the handy Power Bank and solid workmanship.

First, users fell in the test for the very light weight. The USB battery weighs only 230 grams and is built with 114 x 70 x 21mm compact. The package consists of the Power Bank itself and each consisting of a USB cable with 20 mm and 60 mm in length, a 30-pin adapter and a Mini USB adapter. Added to this is a bag that protects your device from dust and damage during transport.

Equipped is the 10400mAh RAVPower RP-PB07 with one button and four LED lights that indicate the current charge level. In addition, the external battery has a Micro-USB port and two USB outputs with 1 amp and 2 amps. Some USB batteries have additionally a small flashlight on board. This is missing from the model of RAVPower, but does not necessarily lead to the devaluation in the test report.

The most important factor was the user of course its functionality. In this category USB Battery took the test, of course, consistently top ratings. Thus, for example, the Nokia Lumia 920 was fully charged with a 2000 mAh battery strong up to 3.5 times. For devices with 7000 mAh, such as the iPad, handing the capacity for at least one charging. With about 25 to 30% thus the capacity loss due to internal transformations of the external battery was correspondingly moderate. Of course, two devices can be charged simultaneously.

To even charge the Power Bank again, you should allow about six to eight hours. Due to the relatively low cost but also this aspect in the review was gladly accepted.


The 10400mAh RAVPower RP-PB07 is a practical and powerful energy source for smartphones and tablets. Since the mobile battery can charge these devices regardless of the outlet, it is suitable primarily for people who travel frequently or when traveling. In addition, the USB battery convinces with a high capacity and with a completely uncomplicated handling. This should be absolutely justified an unreserved recommendation to buy.