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Financial Pop Quiz

Think you know finance? Test your skills with this quick pop quiz.

  1. Which global sector is a mere 10% away from falling below its 1998 Asia/Russia/LTCM crisis lows relative to global equities, in market-cap terms?
  2. The five governors of Fed, BoJ, ECB, BoE and BoC have been in their current positions for a total of 12 years; over that period, how many times have Yellen, Kuroda, Draghi, Carney and Poloz raised interest rates?
  3. In US High Yield there are 36 sectors; how many are currently generating a total return loss in 2015?
  4. In April next year, the bull market in the S&P 500 would become the longest, second longest or third longest bull market of all time?
  5. At their peak in 2008, just two days before the ECB infamously hiked interest rates, Energy & Materials accounted for 24% of the global equity market cap; as we approach the infamous September FOMC, what do Energy & Materials account for now?
  6. Which are the top three best performing global asset markets in the past six months?
  7. Global interest rates are currently at five-year lows, 50-year lows, 500-year lows or 5,000-year lows?
  8. Which S&P 500 sector, the mirror image of EM performance over the past ten years, has just reached a new cyclical high?
  9. Following China’s currency devaluation last week, how many other central banks have officially devalued their currencies?
  10. Of the 36 PMI’s across the globe, how many are currently below the boom-bust 50 level?
  11. Since the Fed last hiked interest rates 110 months ago, how many times have global rates been cut?
  12. Name the only two commodities that are up in price in 2015?

Answers here. Source BofA