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Synthetic Long Discount Alert: ZION OIL & GAS $ZN trading at a 19.22% discount for the 15-Sep-2017 expiration

The automated Quantcha Trade Ideas Service has detected a promising Synthetic Long Stock trade opportunity for ZION OIL & GAS (ZN) for the 15-Sep-2017 expiration period. You can analyze the opportunity in depth over at the Quantcha Options Search Engine.

ZN was recently trading at $5.88 and has an implied volatility of 64.72% for this period. Based on an analysis of the options available for ZN expiring on 15-Sep-2017, there is a 68.27% likelihood that the underlying will close within the analyzed range of $2.89-$12.09 at expiration. In this scenario, the average linear return for the trade would be 90.53%.

Upside potential: This synthetic long position offers the same potential benefits and liabilities as a long stock position, but at a discount due to the significant premium at-the-money puts are trading at over calls. In this case, the long call position is opened at a strike of $5.00, which is already $0.88 in the money. An out-of-the-money put at the same strike is sold to finance the call, resulting in a net credit of $0.25 per share. The final position can be considered as having a discount of $1.13 per share over the underlying price of $5.88 for a 19.22% total.

Downside risk: This discount is generally a sign of the stock facing considerable short pressure, and may indicate that the stock has become hard to borrow. However, if you have a long view of the underlying over this period, it could be a good opportunity to benefit from the upside at a major discount.

To analyze this trade in depth, please visit the Quantcha Options Search Engine.

This is an automated post generated based on a market analysis of delayed data at 7/10/2017 9:39:12 AM ET. The analysis does not include brokerage fees or commissions and is not investment advice.