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AliBaba down another 2% In One Week, 3/11
3 march 2015

Brushing--not always a good thing.

With reports that Jack Ma's Ali Baba (NYSE: BABA) is down 2.5% to trade at an all time low of below $82/share today (down 30% since going public), fears are growing that the online retailer of the east is in trouble. Making things worse is the fact that the process of "brushing" has been uncovered (in case you don't know, brushing is the process of buying a product at cost strictly for the reason of putting up a favorable online review of the company) via the WSJ in an article posted recently.

Certainly not the place that Ma was hoping to be in in the very short time it has taken to sink down to this level--naturally the company was hoping for soaring profits, bumping share prices, and lovely returns.

So what say you Traders? Will the stock lose another 2% over the next 5 trading days? Whip out those crystal balls and show me your stuff.

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AliBaba down another 2% In One Week, 3/11

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