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Fuku-zilla? Japan's TEPCO Discovers "Living Creature" Inside Nuclear Reactor

After sending robots into the Fukushima nuclear reactor (and seeing them mysteriously die), perhaps this is the reason why Japanese officials have decided to re-start the building of a huge ice-wall for 'containment'. As Fukushima Diary reports, TEPCO’s camera caught a possible aquatic living creature in retained coolant water of Reactor 3.


The following images are from the inside of PCV 3 (Primary Containment Vessel of Reactor 3). In their previous investigation, 1 Sv/h was detected above the water surface. Yellow-ish sediment was observed accumulating in the water as well.

The possible living creature is recorded from approx. 0:19 of the video. It looks like aquatic microbe, which is independently swimming unlike other substances.


The following GIF was edited by Fukushima Diary. It contains the zoomed (200% and 300%) parts to capture the creature more closely.

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It may not look like much but with radiation flooding through its seemingly impervious body, who knows what happens next?