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Now that oil is basically worthless, Britain has found a whole bunch of it

Great Britain Might Have Just Stumbled On An Oil Boom Worth $74 Billion. It was found under a Jaguar. Estimates made last year state that the reserve could store as much as 100 billion barrels of oil. According to government data, the rest of Britain only has 2.98 billion barrels of proven oil reserves. Britain’s current oil production has continued to decline, and experts estimate the country will be forced to import 50 percent of its daily oil demand by 2020.

Environmentalists, who worried the well could create an incentive for hydraulic fracturing in the U.K., began protesting against the Gatwick Gusher in February. Drilling in the area won’t require hydraulic fracturing, or fracking according to the company which operates the well, —but it could help the U.K. get more oil out of the formation.

Oh cool, UK is gonna join the earthquake club.
Its worth it, for all that free oil and Arab humbling power.
EU will probably want half of the action, but UK is already ahead of them,