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Get Physical or Get Gang Debased


Courtesy of the StealthFlation Blog


Gold remains by far the best performing asset class of the entire new millennium.   This is an undisputable  categorical fact, and there clearly is a well established completely understood reason for it. Monumentally excessive debt burdens can no longer be discharged without necessitating the devaluation of the currency.  Due to this certitude, throughout this millennium we have experienced an extended period of extraordinary monetary accommodation which is unprecedented in the modern central banking era.  

This explicit trend is systemic in nature and will only continue, as all other remedies to satisfy insurmountable obligations are no longer within reach nor achievable.  Currency devaluation is the singular viable available path forward to liquidate the imposing outstanding debt.  Make no mistake,  the most esteemed economic thinkers are well aware of this ominous predicament.

Moreover, current policy makers lack historically substantiated evidence to validate the stated and intended objectives of the extreme policy measures they have initiated, nor can they accurately ascertain the unintended consequences of the distorting market interventions they have performed.  These are the known unknowns.  Physical Gold, a long standing historically proven store of value which provides wealth protection with unencumbered counterparty risk, is clearly a judicious and prudent hedge for all investors facing these macro economic realities and policy measure uncertainties.  

Furthermore, Precious Metals are inherently the most viable asset class which outperforms all other assets against the currency debasement and ensuing inflation that invariably follows periods of excessive monetary accommodation.   

Historical monetary evidence overwhelmingly confirms all stated above. Olivia Newton John had it right; Get physical or get gang debased.