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Global Economy Awaits as US Continues to be Indecisive

The Euro-zone crisis is over for now, the US economy is arguably at one of its lowest points in the nation's history, and Asian nations like China and Japan are standing-by anxiously waiting for the US government to resume business. 
In an age where the global economy is inextricably connected and transactions happen in a fraction of a second, it goes without happening that the actions of a government in one nation are instantly felt but citizens around the world. 
While the end of the crisis in the Eurozone has placated investors and Germany cites positive economic indicators, there is no way to tell how long these favorable economic conditions will remain.  And, as the government shutdown in the US continues investors and CEOs nervously await a conclusion.   The government of China has issued a second warning essentially telling the US government to fill the big shoes it sought for itself as a global leader.  
Is it fair the the US government is throwing the entire global economy into disarray because of a political temper tantrum? 
To put into perspective, and to quote the BBC UK,  "Even in the middle of its ongoing civil war, the Syrian government has continued to pay its bills."