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Is it time for a counter-attack?

Is it time for a counter-attack?

We have reached the illustrated fibo-niveaus of my Main Analysis. The bearish Sentiment is still present....The RSI weakly signs a possible Rebound - but there is no "real" Signal yet - the rsi only Shows that the Situation is a bit oversold in that timeframe - will we see a dip to 40.5 today? Between 40.5-40.75 i exspect a shortterm countermove .
- i am not a friend of anticyclical counter-trades - so i stay flat and Keep on watching.
Dear Followers - i am really interested in YOUR views, YOUR ideas, YOUR Patterns-
Comments are welcome agree or disagree THX

Former Analysis:
Still seems bearish shortterm target 42,3$?

After the in my former Analysis exspectet break of the 44,5$, the downtrend and bearish momentum accelerated..

Shortterm view: Smells bearish
Shortterm view: Oil reached an action point @ 44,5. For me it really looks bearish ..the only thing that makes me thinking of is the oversold RSI ..because of the oversold situation i have illustrated the alternative way of my view (orange arrow). Prices below 44,5 are bearish - the tp copuld be 43$
Comments are welcome - agree or disagree !

Main Analysis:
Can this be true? Dez 2016: 75$ ???
What do my tired eyes see?? Isn`t it a big bottom pattern in form of an exemplary H&S?
The RSI signs, that there is still a bit air on the downside. A dip back to the 38,2 fibo @ 41,92$ would be great. A dip to the 0,5 fibo normal and a dip to the 61,8 maximal.
If this level would be bought, a H&S is being formed. Prices above the neckline could interpreted as a BIG LONG SIGNAL.
I have illustrated the possible TPs in my chart