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Water Utilities: American Water Works, Aqua America Are The Best Fundamental Selections

Regulated water utilities have been a sub-sector that attracts investors looking for the stable income attributes of a utility with exposure to both small-caps and a consolidation trend. Some utilities are pure water-focused and some firms have a diversified asset approach where water is a portion of their business portfolio. In addition, there are other industries that are water-related, such as desalination and water treatment along with pumps, pipes, and meters.

A good recap of the investment thesis is provided by S Network, developer of the S Network Water Technology Index and S Network Water Works Index. These indexes were previously branded as Janney Indexes.

Hundreds of articles have been published on the investment opportunities in the water sector. The underlying thesis is the same: water is one of the most crucial inputs to the global economy, not only supporting residential populations with safe, reliable drinking water, but as a