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Income Inequality by President – The Stats My Surprise You!

There may be no better strategy in a presidential election that to blame economic problems on the high earners, also known as the rich.

Of all presidents, the sitting president's rhetoric plays this issue perhaps more than any other.

Question - What do the income inequality figures look like by U.S. President?

Here's a look.

Income Inequality by President - Highest 1% of Earners' Share of the Total Income Pie

The following graphic is the percentage change in the share of the highest 1%'s take of the total income pie. This is the vertical axis.

The horizontal axis is the number of months the president has been in office.

Interestingly, the president that saw the largest increase in income inequality (i.e. the highest 1% of income earners taking a greater share of the income pie) is Ronald Reagan. Over his presidency, the share of the total income pie earned...