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New Gold's Low All-In Sustaining Cost Is Expected To Go Even Lower

Over the last several months I have written a few articles about New Gold (NGD) in which I conveyed my bullishness on the company. There are many that feel the stock is overvalued, but as I have stated before, I strongly disagree with that assessment.

The company just reported Q4 2014 production results, and in the press release they also gave guidance for 2015 as well as a peek at what to expect for 2016-17. The results for the past year as well as the future outlook confirm that New Gold remains an extremely low-cost producer, despite what the bears say.

New Gold's stock price has been struggling lately compared to other gold companies in the sector, as the drop in copper has been offsetting the rise in gold. You can see below that NGD is underperforming GDX since the early November lows.

NGD data by YCharts

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