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Samsung Is Releasing a Refurbished Version of the Galaxy Note 7

After a worldwide recall was issued for the Galaxy Note 7 due to a number of safety hazards, Samsung has announced it will be launching a refurbished model exclusive to its home country of South Korea. Dubbed the Galaxy Note “Fan Edition,” the device is set to release on July 7 and only 400,000 units will be produced. Depending on how well the domestic sales do, we may see an expanded release around the world sometime in the future. According to reports, the phone will cost around $610 USD, about $300 USD cheaper than the original Galaxy Note 7 when it came out just under a year ago.

This news comes on the heels of the latest Samsung Galaxy Note 8 leak, which revealed some of the device’s specifications and starting price. With the Galaxy Note 8 expected to drop sometime in the upcoming months, Samsung’s handling of the situation will be one worth keeping tabs on.