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Google: Fighting Diabetes Is A Multi-Billion Dollar Opportunity


  • Sanofi and Google has agreed to collaborate in creating new solutions for diabetes care.
  • Sanofi, a global leader in diabetes treatment, will utilize Google’s advanced technologies in nano sensors, analytics, and miniaturized computers.
  • The global diabetes care industry was worth more than $600 billion last year.
  • Google’s Smart Contact Lens invention that detects blood sugar level from tears has been granted a patent.

I am very happy with Sanofi's (NYSE:SFY) recent announcement that it signed a deal with Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) for them to create better diabetes care solutions. The geeks at Google Life Sciences will provide analytics, nano sensor technology, low power chips, and miniature electronics design to Sanofi.

Google has made billions of dollars from spamming ads to people. Giving back to the world community by helping slow down the onslaught of diabetes is an honorable undertaking. Instead of only using its server farms to track people's habits and serve them personalized ads, Google's massive compute power and research are now available to Sanofi's diabetes team.

Sanofi is one of the leaders in the global fight against the surging plague of diabetes. It offers oral, injectable, and inhalable drugs to treat Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes. Sanofi also sells medical devices to ease the daily travails of diabetes sufferers.