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Bridgestone Suing IBM for $600 Million

IBM has been slapped with a $600 million dollar lawsuit from tire maker Bridgestone over a custom build computer system that performed so terribly, it threw Bridgestone's "entire business operation into chaos." The computer system costed Bridgestone over $75 million and was launched in January 2012. The system immediately faced "system wide failures" for an entire quarter. In a complaint filed by the tire maker it says "IBM's defective system lost or deleted scheduled customer orders, would not process orders, duplicated, or partially processed orders and, for htose limited orders that were processed, did not complete critical corresponding business applications."

In a statement sent to the Tennessean IBM says "Ultimately, Bridgestone's repeated failures had a significant impact on the project's cost and schedule, and its decision to ignore IBM's warnings and prematurely roll out the implementation across its entire business negatively impacted its North America operations. Bridgestone has elected to bring this matter to court. IBM worked hard to make this a successful project and regrets a dispute with a client."

Looks like there is going to be plenty of finger pointing going over between these two firms until this case is settled.